Dinner on Mars, In Search of Travellers

A song, a poem, and a series of illustrations. This is a project of three artists from different mediums, coming together in creative exploration to tell a story.

Dinner on Mars
Song by Odd

In search of
Poem by Octoslender

Illustrations by Plume


Tell me why we’re here again.
This place I feel but can’t recall
There’s hardly any good here,
And what’s here is not good at all.

“It’s necessary,” you say
As I prefer an elsewhere reverie
Than to revisit this late paradise lost
To time’s corrosion on memory.

You are wasting your effort.

Yet you stand unconvinced,
Insisting you are doing me a favour
If I’d give another chance
At reaping the fruits of love’s labour.


You point to the gaping hole
The one ahead of us.
Grief’s curse, I was nervous
To take a closer look.

A scar that was left behind
A reminder of the crime
That is no one’s fault
Yet everyone’s to bear the blame.

The same grief, same heartbreak,
Different name, same shame.
My cross to bear until you came
And told me that on this road
I need not atone alone.

Withering Joy

Continuing our journey by boat,
Trees wither, the last of joy
Across this vast sea of hurt.

We row listless
In waters where sorrow
Was the prime commerce and business.

The Bitter Truth

It’s overwhelming
That the hardest truth to tow
Is that in forgetting
Grief is always the last to go.

It's Time to Move On

Where peace begins
Is a mystery to me.
A note in an unheard litany
Accounting past sins.
It is a wonder that on this journey,
Misery did not apply to the present company.
As we dock our boat on sands pristinely sublime,
You remind me forgiveness is divine.

And that the unwarranted reprieve
I had been giving myself robbed me
Of any chance to grieve.

And thus, a notion.

To drink the bitter potion.
Burning the lips, embracing the flame,
And carving what comes next into my name.
To laugh again, to hurt again, to love again,
It was time to put my shoes on.
Bury the hatchet and move on.